My Cards:

Dark Bribe


Formation Union

7 Completed

Lord Of D.

D.D. Warrior Lady

The Wicked Worm Beast

Headless Knight


Spirit Burner

Destroyer Golem

Twin-Headed Fire Dragon

Symbols of Duty

Next Cards I gonna say is...Edit


Enchanted Javelin

Change Of Heart

7 Completed

Toon World

Time Wizard

Marauding Captain

D.D Warrior

Sunny Pixie

Great White

I think I'm never gonna stop...Edit

Giant Soldier Of Stone

Garuda The Wind Spirit

Curse Of Fiend

Sword Of Sparkles

Launcher Spider

Rogue Doll

Sunlight Unicorn

Seven Tools Of the Bandit

Spirit Message "I"

Lady Assailant of Flames

Can't Shut My Mouth...Edit

Trap Master

Whiptail Crow

Koa'ki Meiru Tornado

Gemini Summoner

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Mophing Jar #2

The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler

Tribute To The Doom

Fishborg Blaster

7 Completed

Yugioh Cards Never Stop...Edit

Blue-Winged Crown

Mind Control

Cyclon Laser

Remove Trap

The Flute Of Summoning Dragon

Turtle Oath

Master Kyonshee

Bait Doll

Limiter Removal

Chain Energy

Not Even Halfway...Edit

Maha Vailo

Mr. Volcano

Darkfire Soldier #1

Blue-Eyes White Dragon

Shining Abyss

Judge Man

Invader Of The Throne

Koa'ki Meiru Ghoulungulate

Harpie's Brother

Trap Hole

So What...Edit

Type Zero Magic Crusher

Mystical Space Typhoon

Magic Jammer


Reinforcement Of The Army


XX-Saber Faultroll

XX-Saber Gottoms

Armed Ninja

Darkfire Soldier #1

Took ForeverEdit

Psychic Soul

Whiptail Crow

Second Coin Toss

Spirit Message "L"

Nutrient Z

Pseudo Space

DNA Surgery

The Puppet Magic of the Dark Ruler

Crab Turtle

Battle Teleportation

Batle Ox

Spirit of Flames

Failly OverEdit

Grand Tiki Elder

Morphtronic Magnen Bar

Chosen One

Dark Spirit of the Silent

Mysterious Puppeteer

Sakuretsu Armor



Summoned Skull


Darkfire Soldier #2

Whiptail Crow

Ancient Crinson Ape

Lord of D.

Horn of the Unicorn

Gaia the Fierce Knight

Blazewing Butterfly

Shark Cruiser

Ground Collapse

Moster Rebron

UFO Turtle

Neo the Magic Swordsman

Limiter Removal

Darkfire Soldier #2

Swords Of Sparkes

Ground Collapse


Eternal Rest

Big Bang Shot

Stop Defense

Soul Resurection

After Genocide

Card Trooper

De-Spell (Note:I almost never use it)

Soul Exchange

Morphing Jar #2

Messenger Of Peace

Dark Valkyria


No Editing

I forget

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